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How To Play

Two teams face off against each other.  One team plays as mosquitoes, the other as humans.  It can be played on a table or on a field.  We recommend playing the field version with groups of kids.

The Objective

If humans remove all eggs from all breeding grounds first, they win!

If the mosquitoes kill all the humans first, they win!

Getting Started

Split the group into 2 even teams.  If there is an odd number of players, the humans take the extra team member.

Each mosquito gets 3 eggs to place on a breeding ground.  For every mosquito, a breeding ground should be created.  When the breeding grounds have been setup, the mosquitoes receive 2 extra eggs to carry.

Each human gets 4 health tokens.


During each round, each player decides to play offense or defense.


  • Clean up an egg from a breeding ground
  • Protect themselves


  • Bite a human
  • Lay an egg in an existing breeding ground