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How To Play

General Game Description

Two teams face off against each other.  Half of the total players plays as mosquitoes, the other half as humans.  The object of the game is to first weaken and ultimately eliminate the other team. Mosquitoes achieve this by “biting” humans and weakening them. Humans do this by clearing out mosquito “breeding grounds.”

HvM can be played in one of 3 ways (click on each version below to find out more about how to play):

Which version should you use?

We recommend playing the field version if you have an large unobstructed area that people can run around, and especially when playing with groups of kids.

The gesture-based and the card versions of the game are designed when you have limited space and/or participants are unable or unwilling to run around.

The card version is more visual and makes it much harder to cheat, but if you don’t have the printed card set, then you can substitute cards with the gesture version and well-timed gesturing.