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HvM is a hit at climate resiliency games workshop in Barbados

Thanks to funding from Invoking the Pause, Lien Tran along with Clay Ewing was able to partner once again with the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre and for the first time with Red Cross Caribbean Disaster Risk Management Reference Centre (CADRIM) on a workshop to introduce humanitarian workers, Red Cross volunteers, and scientists to climate change games. As part of the 2-day Let’s Adapt workshop held at the Barbados Red Cross, participants played 2 versions of Humans vs. Mosquitoes: first the gesture-based version followed by the visual card version. Both versions brought out the competitive sides of the participants while also allowing them to see how the same game can be adapted and “polished” for different contexts.

As dengue fever is a particular concern in Barbados as well as across the Caribbean islands, a group of participants spent the game design portion of the second day working on adapting HvM for the Caribbean context including different breeding grounds and adding climate change event cards. There are plans to continue development of this Caribbean edition of HvM and to eventually disseminate for use throughout the region by CADRIM and its partners.

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